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                Our Solutions

                Construct high availability modern data centers

                In the era of cloud, committing to provide cloud backup and recovery service for enterprises' business in the cloud

                About InfoCore

                Hangzhou InfoCore Inc. is first China’s domestic high-tech company with complete independent intellectual property rights of Storage Virtualization and Data Security and Protection.

                InfoCore was founded in 2006, headquartered in Hangzhou with subsidiaries and branch offices in 20+ provinces in China, and recently has set brunches in Southeast Asia

                InfoCore’s products and solutions are widely adopted by data center of government, military industry, public security, health care, finance, education, energy and resource, etc.

                InfoCore's cooperators——IBM, DELL, Sugon, etc., have already tested the products and recommended these as complete solutions for long time.

                InfoCore has launched NEEQ in Nov. 2016, with stock code 870230

                more ——

                • Accumulation

                  12+ years
                  experiences on technical accumulation and services

                • Innovation

                  Continuously launch innovative products

                • Credibility

                  Gartner Cool Vender

                Our Advantages

                Proprietary brand,technique oriented,professional recognition

                Domestic brand with proprietary independent intellectual property rights can provide the original on-the-spot service

                12 years experiences on storage virtualization and data disaster recovery, which gains professional recognition of CCID and Gartner

                For more information

                Network Across China, Go for Southeast Asia

                Brunches have spread all over China;Marketing Center has been set in Southeast Asia;R&D Center has been set in USA

                Opened area


                Beijing Kunming Shanghai Nanning Guangzhou Guiyang Nanjing Nanchang Shenyang Changsha Harbin Hefei Shijiazhuang Wuhan Ji'nan Chengdu Zhengzhou Xi'an Zhuhai Lanzhou Haikou Taiyuan   Urumqi


                Enterprise Information Management, Inc.

                21-23rd Floor, 501 Minhe Road, D Lianhe Center, Xiaoshan, Hangzhou, Zhejiang


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